Instantly learn the most popular signs for babies and children! Click on a word to see a video of the sign:

Again  Bug Doll Horse Pajamas Stop
Airplane  Bus Down Hot Peach Sun
All Done  Car Drink Hurt Pear Telephone
Apple  Carrot Eat Juice Play Thank You
Baby  Cat Feel Laugh Please Train
Ball  Cereal Finished Leaf Potty Tree
Balloon  Clean Fish Me Rain Up
Banana  Cloud Flower Milk Sad Wait
Bath  Coat Friend Mom Share Wash Hands 
Bear  Cold Frog Moon Shoes Water
Bike  Cracker Game More Sky Where
Bird  Cry Go Music Sleep Wind
Blanket  Dad Grandma New Snow Yes
Boat  Day Grandpa Nice Soap You
Book  Diaper Grass Night Socks  
Brush Teeth  Dirty Happy No Sorry  
Bubbles  Dog Hat Outside Star  

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